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Spearheading recent release of the new album “Colors!” is the music video “Toronto!”.

Filming started on Easter Sunday 2015. Andy recalls “we though we had missed all the snow for the winter, which was crucial for the video and, sure enough, that day was the last snowfall… just for us!”. Four days shooting at 18 different locations, production was completed in June.
Andy: “I recall watching a James Bond documentary where Roger Moore is emotional after watching his stuntmen do an acrobatic with a race car he says: you guys really made me look good!’.
As I looked at the video I say: Jimmy and Mark, you guys really made me look good!”
‘Toronto!’ is Andy’s thank you to a city that has given him so much.
Maybe the best city in the world! WATCH IT HERE.
Composed by: Rick Maltese, Carol Tsang, Andy De Campos, Mark Zubek.
Song production: Zedd Records
Video production: Wemei Media; Jimmy Ma, Mark Ming


Available on
Google Play
HMV Canada


April 10, 2015; article
by Kerry Doole
“A popular performer in Canada and the U.S., smooth-voiced crooner Andy De Campos finally gets to make a debut album, and it’s a fine one. For Colors, he enlists some of T.O.’s best players, including Robi Botos, Terry Clarke, Kelly Jefferson, Mark Zubek, Jordan Klapman and Tony Quarrington, and they recorded at elite studio Noble Street. There’s a nice mix of material here, from Songbook standards to international tunes sung in Portuguese, Italian and French. Maroon 5 hit “Sunday Morning” is covered, and there are some fresh new songs like “Toronto!” (co-written by De Campos) and breezy opening cut “I’m In The Mood For Swing”, written by Quarrington and Klapman. On it, De Campos declares “Rock really ain’t my thing, I’m in the mood for swing”, and he delivers a swingin’ winner here. He performs at Lula Lounge in Toronto on May 25.”


March 30, 2015; article
COLORS Andy DeCampos (Songlighter) **** +
by John Kereiff
“It’s interesting that, even in this day and age, new crooners keep coming along, with this Toronto-based singer being the latest. His new album, colors, is a delight.
I’m quite familiar with this jazzy and swingin’ style of music- I grew up with Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra records around the house thanks to my folks, and Siriusly Sinatra is my wife’s favorite satellite radio channel. It is in the company of artists like this that Campos belongs, at least as much as Michael Buble does. Throw in some Antonio Carlos Joabim, and Andy is your guy.
Campos began singing as a young man in England and Portugal in ’99, and spent a decade developing his warm vocal style into a full time occupation on this side of the pond. He often jumps out of his comfort zone to push the boundaries of modern jazz, to go beyond the Great American Songbook to sing in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and, more recently, Mandarin. He brings a fresh, contemporary take to the material by combining jazz with rock and Latin, and a touch of country. The sambas and bossa novas are particularly fetching and joyous.
This style of music has been around since before I was born, and it’s a safe bet that Campos is maybe half my age at best. There are songs from my childhood too, in particular Henry Mancini’s legendary Pink Panther, but with delightfully original lyrics. There’s also a terrific version of The Cincinnati Kid, and a swinging cha-cha arrangement of Irving Berlin’s I’ll See You In Cuba. And the list goes on.
The bottom line is if you enjoy a good crooner and this kind of swing is your bag, baby, then Colors absolutely belongs in your collection. The wife and I will be doing a quick return trip to Edmonton next weekend, and I can’t wait to throw this into the CD player.
ESSENTIALS: The Pink Panther, The Cincinnati Kid, Toronto!”


March 11, 2015; article
by Josué Hernádez Carmona

“To speak of Andy Campos and his latest material would have to go back in time and travel to Portugal and England, where this multifaceted singer development its warm musical style that delights numerous venues today around North America.
Is somewhat complicated categorize Andy when his work is strongly influenced by jazz, and also contains a dose of rock, country and nicely integrated touch of latin music.
Although sometimes been labeled him as a classic “crooner” or crooner Andy has managed to remove labels coming out of your comfort zone beyond the modern singing jazz, running well, to include in its material repertoire in Spanish, French, Portuguese and even Mandarin.
In his latest album, released a few days ago, Andy manages to reflect each and every of influences has managed to monopolize throughout his career, crowning it with his baritone voice that gives a unique tone to disk aptly named Colors.
Colors provides a mosaic of hearing the listener possibilities. The disc is able to transport you to remote places and unfamiliar with songs like “drinking water” which will take you to the heart of Brazil; or “The Pink Panther”, you will put yourself in the 60’s. And if you feel at home is what you want, just enough to check out the track 15 entitled “Toronto” to feel the warmth of being at home.
If you want to hear more of this great artist, you can not miss the upcoming May 25 the great celebration of the launch of his new album, which will be held at Lula Lounge, where he will be accompanied by a band of seven musicians.”


March 6, 2015
Andy DeCampos – Colors (Songlighter Records)
by David Reed
“Andy De Campos is a jazz vocalist who refuses to be pigeonholed.  His new album, Colors, is an eclectic collection of songs from various backgrounds and styles.  To simplify, most critics refer to him as a crooner, but he pushes himself into different musical areas, challenging that label.
Reading through the liner notes reveals a stunning list of musicians backing De Campos, including some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians.  Some of the standouts include piano virtuoso Robi Botos, drumming legend Terry Clarke, saxophonist Kelly Jefferson and guitarist Tony Quarrington.  These giants paint a musical canvas upon which DeCampos can sing a melody with style.
Beyond the Sea tastefully avoids copying the Bobby Darin recording, keeping the melody simple  through the opening verse and then swinging hard.
When You Wish Upon a Star is a timeless Disney ballad that De Campos delivers with honesty and warmth.  Henry Mancini’s instrumental theme from the Pink Panther is presented here with original.
Other highlights include The Cincinnati Kid, I’m in the Mood for Swing, Sunday Morning, C’est si Bon and a catchy original titled Toronto”

FINISHING COLORS –  I got the best team!

So, after months of production my new album “Colors” (c 2015 – Songlighter Records) is really coming along. It will be available on iTunes with an early launch at Lula Lounge in Toronto.
I’ve never been so fortunate to work with such top notch individuals as this huge team assembled for this. I’d like to acknowledge them:music direction and arrangements: Anthony Terpstra and Mark Zubek
recording: Noble Street Studios and Zed Records

piano: Sean Bellaviti, Robi Botos.
bass: Ken McDonald.
drums: Terry Clarke.
guitars: Richard Smyth, Tony Quarrington.
tenor sax: Steve MacDonald, Kelly Jefferson.
baritone sax: Braxton Raymond Hicks.
trumpet: Howard Leathers. William Sperandei.
trombone: Paul Tarussov.
strings: Andrew Kesler.

mixing: Axis Studios
mastering: Reuben Ghose, Mojito Mastering.
photography: Todd Duncan Studios
art work: Jimmy Ma
marketing: Marc Ming, Wei Mei TV
publicists: Yvonne Valneja and Heather Ostertag.I extend special thanks to my friend Anthony Terpstra for his arrangements done just right, his flexibility in incorporating my ideas for the music and for his good humour and to Andrew Kesler’s great professionalism and class. Irreplaceable support also came from Cynthia Lai‘s belief in this project and Marc Ming’s generosity and great strategic thinking.
Heartfelt gratitude to my beautiful wife Carol for providing the best support I’ve ever known from any spouse and our little gems Nat and Christina.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my mother, Fátima Andrade, born in São Paulo, Brazil, for her believe in me from the start and contribution without which this project would not have been possible. Thanks mom!

A CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS with Dean Martin bringing up the rear

The moments when a show is just right at all levels are far and in between. My band and I had the honour of doing a tribute to Dean Martin on a show in Markham to raise money for Children’s Wish foundation. This initiative was carried out to the last detail by the Folco family from Folco’s Ristorante. They were inspired by a show they saw with Deana Martin (Dino’s daughter) which took place at Seneca Niagara Casino Resort in New York. Coincidentally, on the same day I had a show there. As a matter of fact my band ran out of music stands and the stage crew told us it was because Deana’s band was using all of them! Anyway, the Folcos saw Deana’s show and changed their whole event and called me in at the last minute. Luckily I was able to do it with my Toronto guys. They had a Las Vegas ice sculpture for martinis, a Rat Pack video on the big screen, snow falling from the feeling, the works. It was a night to remember and very pleasurable and what a great cause to do something for. It gave me an idea for the album release…


It was awesome to be a special guest of Big City Big Band (what a great name!) for the Beaches Jazz Festival. Led by Jordan Wosnick, this 17 piece ensemble has a sound of it’s own.
This was, as always out in the open air at the festival’s big band stage. Buildings are not designed indoors acoustic considerations as they once were. certainly 100 years ago during Vaudeville, Al Jolson, Crosby and when the songs of the Great American Song book were actually performed for the first time, music halls were, well, exactly that. For that reason alone it’s good to sing outdoors and not have to worry about sound issues due to architecture. Then the Beeches Festival has the added perk of having many swing dancers show up and mirror the crooner’s energy in a different art form right in front of the stage.

TURNING a PAGE – Turning Stone Resort Casino

Andy made his debut at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York in April. The Turquoise Tiger is undoubtedly “one of the most beautiful rooms I have seen in a long time,” said the singer. It is a swanky and voluptuous setting with roulette wheels and black jack tables just across the floor, reminiscent of Casablanca. One would expect Humphrey Bogart to walk in at any moment.

The Andy De Campos Quintet performs there on Friday and Saturday every month. When Andy’s velvet voice blends with shades of Mediterranean blue in that coolest of cool atmospheres, we know we’re experiencing an increasingly rare vista: an eye in the storm of commonplace, an allusion to the more civil and highly elevated mood we all secretly yearn for. It’s called class!



In 1960 Frank Sinatra’s long time associate Sammy Cahn delivered to him new lyrics to “High Hopes” composed by Jimmy Van Heusen. The new words were tailored for that year’s Democratic Party presidential candidate’s race.

On a different scale, Andy sang his new song “Toronto!” for Cynthia Lai’s campaign to win the city council ward on May 30, 2014 in Toronto. It was a great experience for the crooner to sing something he participated in creating and a wonderful surprise to hear applause right after the first chorus!



On Victoria Day, May 19, 2014, the city’s new anthem “Toronto!” was released.

“This was a song that was in the making for 6 months, in my mind for 18 months, but in my heart for 22 years, ever since I left Toronto in 1992,” Andy says about the end result of his work with pianist/songwriter Rick Maltese, who composed the core of the music, Andy’s wife Carol Tsang who is responsible mainly for the lyrics, and Mark Zubek who produced and added decisive finishing touches to the anthem.

Available now on “iTunes”.



The Andy De Campos Quintet performed at Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel Sat Mar 8 and will return Mar 22.
vocals: Andy De Campos; piano: Paul Crocker; bass: Gram Whitty; drums: Steve Farrugia; trumpet: Tim Clarke
The Stir Lounge is a wonderfully cool-coloured and easy feel large open space sitting within the even larger ope space of the casino floor itself. Basically, there are no walls.
The stage is 10 feet high and behind the band is a 40X20foot screen. You’ll have to go to New York City or to Chicago to see a screen that big. From the stage, the band is able to see the immensity of the entire gaming space with all it’s slots, black jack tables, and so on. You can literally fit an entire airliner with wings and all in that space. However, the atmosphere is so relaxing that it feels really comfortable up there.
The performance is accentuated around the circular bar and booths of the Stir Lounge but the remaining areas of the casino floor have hundreds of speakers, at an enjoyable volume, taking our sound to every corner.
One moment Andy is singing “Come fly with me” from on high, the next he’s promenading at ground level with the “Girl from Ipanema” while the band plays 100 feet away.
A must see!



I haven’t kissed my wife in New Year’s Eve for 4 years now!
This time it was at The BLACK ANGUS. I would like to say “the newest spot to go to” but the fact is it’s been there since 1964. And in the same building!
Wonderful time this NYE. The Black Angus is indeed a sizzle cathedral for all tastes. Great new swanky decor. I was there for 6 hours, singing, and I had Frank Sinatra looking over my shoulder the whole time (a caricature on the wall). What could be better? I tell you: Excellent food top of the line staff with haircuts even matching the decor!
Acoustics were top notch too. One of my most enjoyable New Year’s.


BE CAREFUL YOU PRAY FOR, you may get it

The Nov 17 Lula Lounge show homage to Vinicius de Moraes was a massive success.

We had the presence of 2 TV stations, 3 radio stations and 2 newspapers.

The good news is that the show is completely sold out!
The bad news is that the show is completely sold out (!!!)

Even thought we had over 20 no-shows that were reserved, we were still well over capacity. All tables were gone, all the chairs were gone, and the only thing left was a two legged stool.

Till the next one!

Laura Fernandez, host, publicity
Lula Lounge: Tracy Jenkins, Vas Cranis, Todd Bruder
Antonieta Silva: Generous Hearts, publicity
Anthony Terpstra: arrangements, drums
Jeremy Ledbetter: piano
Louis Simão: lead sheets, bass
Maninho Costa: percussion
Pedro Joel: acoustic guitar
Henrique Matulis: electric guitar
Bill Prouten: tenor saxophone, flute
Marcus Ali: baritone saxophone, flute
R J Satchithananthan: trombone
Howard Leathers: trumpet
Angela Mesquita: Brasil Remittance, sponsor, ticket sales
Cíntia de Souza: Remax, sponsor
Dra. Cássia Bráulio: sponsor
LIUNA Local 183: sponsor
Catita’s Catering: sponsor
Luanda Jones: vocals
Marisa Oliveira: vocals, acting
Hugo and Margarida Piló: vocals
Murilo Elbas: director, acting
Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Amanda O’Reily: LMC Media, publicist
Valter Babrini: publicity
Jaymz Bee: Jazz FM
Ziko Pereia: CIRV Radio
Dario Amaral: CHIN Radio
Juliano D’Luca: Nossa TV
Domingos Melo: FPTV
Howard Lourie: sound technician
Matt Roberts and Andrew Kesler: sound recording
Dave Patterson: video
Luke Krajcarski and Tiago Campos: art work
Sharon Weeden: Pushpin Media
Fátima Andrade: public relations, ticket sales
Carol Nat and Christina De Campos: technical support

“Fragile but powerful” is BOSSA NOVA:

Sexy yet austere, the Bossa Nova is highly accessible to the listener but can be murder to perform, with its off-center rhythms and tricky tunings. Aside from the seminal figures already mentioned above, whose output is crucial to appreciating Bossa Nova, recordings by Elizeth Cardozo, Sylvia Telles, Miucha, Maysa, Quarteto Em Cy (a vocal ensemble), and Leny Andrade are worth searching for. Elis Regina also had an instinctive command of this style, and her album dedicated to Tom Jobim’s music, “Elis And Tom”, is magnificent. Many younger artists, even those who initially rebelled against the chilled-out Bossa Nova esthetic, are now exploring this aspect of Brazil’s musical heritage. Leila Pinheiro is an especially intuitive interpreter. Tropicalia diva Gal Costa ‘s “Aquarela Do Brasil”, her tribute to the songs of Ary Barroso, is not to be missed. Latter-day covers and collaborations with non-Brazilians should be viewed with a degree of caution, as they can be awash in layers of gooey sentiment.

On The “new intelligence” – November 17 Lula Lounge – BOSSA NEWS:

The Bossa Nova reached American ears after it was lionized by the jazz community. Astrud Gilberto, the young wife of the well-known Bahia-born Bossa Nova singer-guitarist Joao Gilberto, frequently sang to her children in the nursery. Prevailed upon by her husband to sing (or some would say, murmur) in public, she recorded her demure English version of “Garota de Ipanema” (“The Girl From Ipanema”) with Stan Getz, and the rest is history. Would-be swingers throughout the world baited their lairs with Bossa Nova and wines of dubious vintage, and entertainment conglomerates took notice. Bossa Nova, along with insinuating, pointless saxophone solos, became a metaphor for seduction in popular culture.

On November 17, 2013 – Lula Lounge – BOSSA NEWS:

The major ringleaders of the movement were Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim, Luiz Bonfa, Oscar Castro-Neves , and Ary Barroso. They needed a more reflective yet subtly swinging sound to mesh with their highly allusive poetry and Carioca (born in Rio, although not all of them were) sensibilities. They were intrigued by French existentialism, and some of them, notably Jobim, were conservatory trained. Soon every nightclub in Ipanema featured solitary singer-guitarists or small ensembles clad in neat dark suits, playing their restrained and sophisticated melodies for enthralled audiences, among whom were visiting American jazz musicians.


On November 17 Andy is producing a major event at Lula Lounge.

It will be mostly Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova.
Unusual for Andy’s fans to see a show dedicated principally to this wonderful Latin music but certainly not uncommon for Andy, who is half Brazilian himself and has been listening closely to this jewel for the past decade.

Bossa Nova (New Way) was the whisper heard around the world. It was created during the sixties by a small group of Rio-based intellectuals, mostly poets and songwriters, and took the country, and later the world, by storm. Although it was and remains a much-loved style, it never displaced the Samba at home. But to many foreigners, the cool yet sultry strains of the Bossa Nova still mean “Brazil”.


“The first time I walked in the Jazz Bistro and saw that red Steinway, I remembered Michelle Pfeiffer standing with her high heels on a piano while singing in the ‘Fabulous Baker Boys’” (ADC)

Jazz Bistro is Toronto’s newest jazz venue and dining destination. This swanky venue features a magnificent red pop Steinway piano – the only one of its kind in the world!

The Andy De Campos Quintet, composed of new guests every Sunday, will be at Jazz Bistro for brunch starting at 12:30pm.

July 7 – Robert Horvath (piano), Matt Roberts (bass), Steve Farrugia (drums), Howard Leathers (trumpet)

July 14 – Sean Bellaviti (piano), Bruce Griffin (bass), Steve Farrugia (drums), Howard Leathers (trumpet)

July 21 – Rick Maltese (piano), Ken McDonald (bass), Steve Farrugia (drums), Howard Leathers (trumpet)

July 28 – Sean Bellaviti (piano), Ken McDonald (bass), Anthony Terpstra (drums), Budi Winarto (saxophone)

The three-level club includes a performance and dining area, wine bar, private event space and expansive rooftop patio. An intimate setting for authentic, live jazz performances by some of the world’s finest jazz musicians, and focusing on promoting Toronto’s own jazz artists. The space creates a comfortable atmosphere for quality modern bistro dining.


Portuguese Canadian Singing Festival

This year Andy will be participating on the 2013 Johnny Lombardi Portuguese Canadian Singing Festival for CHIN Radio.

(No, Andy is not Italian)

The Festival is live on Monday JULY 1ST at the Bandshell Stage.

The Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic is the largest free multicultural picnic in the world, attracting more than 250,000 people each year. Come and experience the sights and sounds of a star-studded lineup of Headline performers from around the world; hundreds of community singers, dancers and performers; family fun with Fantasy Family Circus shows, K-9 Dog Challenges, petting zoo, midway rides and amusements; Shopping Bazaar in the Better Living Building; Miss CHIN Bikini and Mr. CHIN Competitions; Live Wrestling shows by Magen Brothers Entertainment; Ontario Boxing Tournament; Ontario Provincial Criterium Bicycle races; Festival of Fire Fireworks June 29th; Beer garden, and dozens of food and beverage concessions.